Images to Data can provide accurate OCR/ICR Data Capture or OMR data collection scanning services at low or high volumes. We can scan and program forms (cut sheet or booklets) we have printed or help our client’s with their internal overflow scanning for data capture.

We can provide custom programming scripts for OCR/ICR scanning to output the data in the format and values that are required to generate reporting. The files can be scanned to an ASCII format and/or be converted to a popular spreadsheet or database format. We can also provide image graphic file formats to support our client’s archive search capabilities along with “key to image” clips of written responses (“other” fields, comments, etc…).

OMR data collection scanning is an option along with form definition programming services for most of the popular scanning manufacturers in Windows or DOS formats. As with OCR/ICR scanning, we can provide files back to you in the formats that you require.

File formats and test file proofs for approval and job processing quality control (image verification and valid mark editing) are the rule at Images to Data!


OCR/ICR/OMR Scanning Services

  • OCR/ICR/OMR form definition programming
  • Low or high volume sheet and booklet scanning
  • OCR/ICR/OMR ink and pencil read capabilities
  • Custom ASCII file layouts to customer specifications
  • Conversion of ASCII file to most popular database formats
  • Full quality control, edit checking, data verification and key field control
  • Image archiving to disk with search capabilities