If you require an easy, efficient and accurate way to collect data from examinations, assessments, surveys or questionnaires, TestAnyTime is the perfect solution for you.
TestAnyTime software is a user-friendly, yet powerful form processing solution that helps users scan, collect and analyze data from paper based or digital forms to produce detail reports & results. Simply create your own forms using any word processor software or design program and then print using your own printer or copier. Our software scans completed forms with any common document scanners on the market. You can then analyze your data within TestAnyTime while generating your reports and even exporting the captured data to numerous existing applications.
“TestAnyTime is your comprehensive one stop solution for examination, assessment and data analysis”



Workflow – 4 Steps:

1. Forms
Users can create their own forms, answer sheets or questionnaires using word document programs or design software. Incorporating registration marks and drop-out printing into your form design can enhance the recognition accuracy. Forms can be printed by user themselves using any inkjet printer or copier. We also provide professional form design and printing services, for more details please call us.
2. Scan
Setting up the form to be recognized by the scanner and software is easy by doing a quick definition process. This process simply involves scanning a blank form and circling out the answer choices on screen. The definition process takes a few minutes per page. Users insert candidates’ answer sheets and model answer sheets into the scanner and it’s a one button click to scan within TestAnyTime. The data from the forms will be instantly extracted.
3. TestAnyTime
The software includes powerful data verification features that display images on questions and data recognized, in two separate windows. In addition problematic data, such as missing or duplicated data will be filtered out to be checked. These features help users to validate and make changes to data quicker.

4. Results
Users can use our built-in report generate which illustrates and display your captured data in numerous different report types. Furthermore data can be exported to external formats such as MS Excel or MS Access, where data can be edited and linked with existing databases. Users can also add different filters into the exported data, to display specific results (e.g. Class 1A, particular student’s result, etc.)




  • Supports OMR (Optical Mark Reading) Scanner
  • Supports Common Image Scanner (with ‘Twain’ compliant scanner)
  • Supports Dual Output Trays Scanner
  • Supports OMR, IMSR (Image Mark Sense Recognition)
  • Supports 1D & 2D Barcode Recognition (Optional)

User Interface

  • Multi Languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Overseas Distributors: Add Regional Language (Optional)
  • Identifiable Function Icons & Streamlined Menu Layout
  • Flashing Icons Highlight Next Step In Process
  • Test Information Summary (e.g. total scanned, total questions, pending checks, etc.)


  • Set User Access Levels (assign users to groups and roles)
  • Set User Access Controls & Groups (assign software function restrictions)
  • Set Project Leader
  • Set Password & Login Detail
  • Automatic Database Backup

Form Design

  • Create Your Own Forms (design using any word processor or design software)
  • Supports Black & White and Drop-out Colour Forms
  • Supports Double-Sided, Multi-Page Form
  • Supports Print or Photocopy Forms
  • Supports Use of Pen, Pencil and Marker
  • Automatic Database Backup

Form Setup

  • Form Definition & Data Zone Setup (reduction in repetitive & time consuming zone setup)
  • Auto Alignment of Scanned Image (e.g. registration mark, corner alignment)
  • Supports Auto Scale
  • Supports Single, Multiple and Binary Answer Choices
  • Supports Zone Grouping (e.g. candidate number, ID number)
  • Supports Auto Zone Group Renaming (e.g. OMR1, OMR2, OMR3… to Q1, Q2, Q3…)
  • Supports Individual Image Zone Capture (e.g. signatures, comments, photos)
  • Supports Individual Image Zone Clipping Extraction (i.e for storing and exporting with results)


Scanning & Form Processing

  • One Button Click To Scan
  • Scan, Import & Export (from Excel), Type Input: Model Answer or Answer Key
  • Attach Batch Information to Batch Processing (e.g. batch no, batch name, etc.)
  • Support Multiple Scanner (allows continuous work; assign optional or back up scanners)
  • Live Scanning Information From Incoming Scanned Forms (e.g. perfect, questionable, duplicate & total scanned)
  • Workflow Options
    • forms can be scanned & recognised in real time
    • forms can be scanned & stored as images, to be recognised later
  • Virtual Scanning
    • auto scan forms for distance scanners
    • auto detect images in input folder for unmanned scanning


Questions & Test Design

  • Custom Input Criteria
  • Built-in Question Bank for Managing Historical Question
  • Provide Question and Answer Book Template with Graphics and Logos
  • Revision Control Function
  • Supports Data Save as Multiple Revision
  • Complex Scoring For Single and Multiple Choice
  • Input External Score (e.g. input scores from other exams to combine with MC scores)
  • Test Results Calculation (e.g. assign marks for each correct, wrong or blank question; it also allows different marks for each question or section)
  • Assign Passing Mark or Percentage and Set Marks to Grades
  • Assign Costs To Project (e.g. scan cost, manual key entry cost, admin cost etc.)
  • Supports Database Lookup & Checking
  • Supports External Database Linkage


Data Validation

  • Range of User Defined Validation Settings
  • Intelligent Levels of Validation (question validation and form validation)
  • Supports Logical Checking for Duplicate Scanning or Irrelevant Data
  • Auto Filter Questionable Data for Manual Checking
  • Scanned Image Summary Display (review & edit captured data)
  • Supports Data & Record Cleaning


Reports & Export Data

  • Generate Over 20 Report formats with 3D graphs, tables & charts
  • Personalise Report Layout (headings, text & logos)
  • Export Data with Filters (e.g. showing only a particular class, student or respondent’s score)
  • Export Data with Profile (e.g. pre-saved settings and options for quick exporting)
  • Export Data with Database Validation (e.g. check and apply changes from linked external databases)
  • Export Data Excluding Flagged Records (e.g. ignoring any remaining questionable data)
  • Export Data with Model Answer, Section Mark, Total Mark, Correct Percentage etc.
  • Export Command (e.g. run programs or macros after export)
  • Support Remove Data After Export (e.g. removing the exported data to prevent duplication)
  • Export Image Zones In Excel File Format (e.g. signature, comments, student names)
  • Export Scanned Images with Related Respondent Information (e.g. correct or wrong annotations, student name, score, etc.)
  • Linked Database You Created To Check Questions (e.g. MS Access, MS FoxPro, MS Excel, ODBC)
  • Supports Export Data To More Than 30 formats (e.g. ASCII, Rich Text, MS Excel, MS Access, MS FoxPro, CSV, XML, ODBC)


Help & Support

  • Quick Remote Support
  • User Manuals & Guides
  • Online Demo Videos

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • CPU: Intel i3 Processor or above
  • RAM: 2GB RAM (4GB RAM recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 10GB Free Space
  • USB Port: 2.0
  • Display: Windows Colour SuperVGA (1024 x768)
  • Mouse: Windows Supported
  • Network Card: Windows Supported