10 Ways Document Management Systems are Transforming Businesses

The use of Document Management Systems (DMS) is becoming increasingly popular with many organisations in a wide variety of different industries. Wondering how DMS could improve your company’s workflow? Read on to find out 10 ways document management systems are transforming businesses.

1. Time – Searching for paper documents can be very time-consuming and it may come as a surprise that an average employee spends around 400 hours a year doing just that! The average time it takes to find a record using a DMS is 1–3 seconds.

2. Security – For many industries including the legal sector, financial services and healthcare, security is paramount. DMS minimises the paper trail – with password-sensitive files and the ability to keep certain files secure or unavailable to view.

3. Cost reduction – Considering the many benefits that come from implementing a DMS, companies can save significant funds in the everyday running of their business including storage costs, printing, and most importantly, resource and time.

4. Easy to use – The document management systems we provide can be easily integrated into existing paper and electronic workflows and the flexibility means we can tailor a solution specific to your individual requirements.

5. Speed – Improving employees’ response speed both internally between colleagues and externally to clients and customers helping to build strong professional relationships and shows high-quality customer care. What’s more, the ability to access your DMS using mobile devices and tablets while on-the-go means you can work from anywhere and everywhere!

6. Space – With an average 15% of floor space in offices taken up by storage solutions and filing cabinets, implementing an efficient document management system can help you make better use of your available space.

7. Productivity – Document management can significantly improve the productivity of employees. With less time spent searching for paper documents, projects can be completed without interruption with all the necessary reference materials available in an instant with just a few clicks of a mouse!

8. Resource – With fewer employees spending time printing, filing, searching and organising bulky paper documents, the valuable human resource can be more effectively utilised, resulting in improved time and workload management. DMS can also help increase efficiency and data processes, optimising server usage with cloud storage.

9. Environmentally friendly – Reducing your paper usage with a DMS doesn’t only help lessen the number of trees cut down each year for paper but it will also contribute towards having less wastage as well as lowering your businesses carbon footprint.

10. Digital reboot is the future! – With many industries turning to document management systems to help streamline businesses processes, there’s no time to get left behind. Digital is the future and with document management systems offering a fast, reliable, secure solution – many companies are getting on board and transforming their businesses processes.


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