AXIS IT is now Authorized Distributor of DATACAP OMR software

AXIS IT is now Authorized Distributor of DATACAP OMR software. AXIS IT will exclusively distribute the product in Bangladesh.

About Datacap Computer Solutions 

Datacap Computer Solutions Limited is a leading provider of integrated solutions in data collection. We’re a Hong Kong based company and the founders have over 13 years experience in the data collection industry. We offer a board range of solutions to government departments, education institutions and enterprises from various industries, enabling them to manage their data in a more meaningful and effective way.

DataCap has its teams of service bureau, software development and scanning equipment maintenance, and is dedicated to providing high quality and efficient customer support.

We zoomed in OMR/Imaging Data Capture Solution and created AnyTime series system . Both systems have been highly appreciated by our clients. We cannot deny that the key to our success is the feedback from educational institutions and research organizations.

Their products – TestAnyTime |




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