Common mistakes that candidates make while filling OMR Answer Sheets

The most basic mistake that students make while filling OMR Test Answer Sheet is that they do not read the Instructions for filling OMR Sheet given on the Objective response Sheet provided to them.

It seems that we have read the instructions before in previous exam and that the it looks the same so we generally do not read. But this is where the mistake is because instructions might differe slightly and that will make all the difference.

Every instruction will appear the same but their might be one single change that will make you prone to rejection:

Example :

Do not use Pencil,. use only Blue or Black ball point pen.

Do not use Pencil or Blue pen, use Black ball point pen only.

Both the above scentences are apparently the same, but very distinct Instructions. If you do not follow and fill with wrong Pen or Pencil, your sheet might be rejected by the exambody. Or in case of tie over same rank, you will suffer when manually discarded because of this mistake.

Because of haste and anxiety in solving the question paper, mostly candidates tend to postpone the reading of instructions. They also postpone filling of roll no to the end of alloted exam time. But unfortunately many a times they do not get time or may forget filling the roll no. or fill it wrongly in haste and the copy is snatched.

Filling of candidate details in OMR format is of utmost importance. Many times candidates write their roll No. but do not fill. No one in the centre where there are lacsof sheets is going to read your numbermanually. It has to be done automatically by the OMR test scanner software. If their is no Roll no. filled on the answer sheet the candidate will.

So whatever work has been done all goes waste if a candidate has not filled proper candidate details on OMR Sheet. If a candidate has not answered one question correctly, it will not make as much difference as the mistake of not filling proper candidate ID and other details will negatively impact all the work done.

Most examination bodies allow extra time at the beginningof the examto fill candidate details before distributing the question paper to avoid student anxiety.

Remember filling of candidate details is most important. It is more important than answering all questions. Because if the candidate details or question paper details like question booklet no. test paper set are not filled, then the sheet may not be identified or checked properly.

Filling of Test ID or Question Booklet No. or Test Paper Set is most important. Because if the exainationbody is lenient

  • Marking all bubbles
  • Improper rubbing.
  • Using wrong pen or pencil.
  • Rough work or salutations on OMR Sheet.
  • Some mistakes are also done by the improperly trained invigilation staff.
  • Do not put seal or stamp outside the space given for the purpose.
  • In case of carbonless sheets pay attention that the sheet submitted by the candidate is the first copy of sheet.