How to fill OMR Sheets

OMR Sheet is not just a piece of paper. It is a technical format to be used in a technical process. OMR test sheet has measured dimensions and many parameters which are important for the OMR sheet reading software to detect OMR bubbles and deliver OMR Test results accurately.
Generally multiple choice question based competition exams expect the candidate to fill the OMR bubbles. Following is a standard set of instructions according to the most common MCQ exams policy.
Things to carry in the exam hall for OMR based MCQ Test.

  • Blue & Black Ball Pen to use as per instruction;
  • Black & Ball Gel Pen to use in case of emergency;
  • Dark pencil HB or 2B. Ideally 2B;
  • A very good soft white eraser that cleanly and quickly rubs without damaging the paper;

Handle the OMR sheet with car

  • Any mishandling or damage to the sheet might lead to rejection of the sheet by OMR Reader Software.
  • DO NOT pin or staple anything with the OMR Sheet.
  • DO NOT punched or tie the OMR Sheet.
  • DO NOT fold or crush the OMR Sheet.

Restricted areas on OMR Sheet

  • OMR Sheets have circles or elliptical bubbles or boxes where the candidates fill their response. But other areas on the OMR sheet are also important. Mark your response only in the space provided for the purpose.
  • There are ‘DO NOT WRITE’ areas demarcated on some OMR Sheet. Please do not write or mark on the demarcated areas.
  • DO NOT make any stray marks on the OMR Sheet.
  • DO NOT write anything unless the “Rough Work” box is expilicitely provided.

Index point or Timeline

  • These are some black marks on the corners or either side of the OMR sheet. These marks are crucial to the functioning and accuracy of the OMR Sheet.
  • All OMR sheet either have index points or timeline.
  • DO NOT mark anything on or near Index Points or Timing Track of OMR sheet.
  • Any change in Timing Track and OMR sheet identification block will lead to rejection of the OMR sheet and no result will be generated for such OMR sheets.
  • Be careful when you receive the OMR sheet for Test. In case there is dirt or ink spillage or misprint of index point, DO NOT accept such sheets or at least notify to the invigilator.

Important Fields on the OMR bubble answer sheet

  • Mostly we have seen that candidates start filling the queston responses without filling the roll no. on the OMR Sheet. They keep the filling of other fields postponed to later before submission of the OMR test sheet.
  • But then at the last minute the sheet is submitted in haste and most of them forget to fill 1 or 2 important fileds. This is the biggest mistake. Everything goes waste. Be careful.

Instructions for filling the bubbles on OMR Sheets

  • Use of Pen or Pencil depends on the rules set by the OMR exam body.
  • DO NOT underfill or overfill the OMR circles. Avoid partial filling or spilling out.
  • First fill the OMR circles/boxes in the test answer sheet completely and then darken the filled circles/boxes.
  • Completely darken the respective circle for your response.
  • Please fill the appropriate OMR circles with due care. Avoid over-writing on OMR Sheet.
  • Mark multiple bubbles only in case of MCQs or multiple choice questions. If you mark more than one circle in a single choice question the answer will be considered as being wrong.

Filling the OMR Test Answer Sheet with Pen

  • In case instructed to fill the OMR Test Sheet using pen, use a blue or black ball point pen to fill OMR answer sheet.
  • In case instructed to fill the sheet using a specific blue or a black ball point pen. The use that specific pen.
  • Use a gel pen only in case you dont have a ball pen.
  • DO NOT use the gel pen to fill the OMR bubbles in case of two sided sheets.
  • NEVER use a ink pen or a sketch pen o a marker pen as it might bloat or spill.

Filling the MCQ OMR sheet with Pencil

  • In case instructed to fill using a Pencil, dont just use any pencil. Be careful to use a HB or darker 2B pencil.

Erasing or Removing a OMR mark from the answer sheet

  • Erasing depends on the rules set by the exam body. Carefully read the instructions given on the sheet before fillng.
  • Maximum competitive examinations now a days have implemented the use of pen to fill OMR Test Answer Sheets and thus no provision to erase an option already marked. So be careful in your choice.
  • If you feel your choice is wrong, let it be.
  • If you are filling using a pen, you can never properly erase. However in an attempt to erase you might damage the sheet. DO NOT try to cut or erase.
  • If use of pencil is allowed in your exam, then you may change a mark by completely erasing the wrongly filled circle.
  • Erase completely and without any smudges. Partly rubbed off mark may still be detected by the highly sensitive OMR Software.
  • DO NOT use whitener or blade to hide marks on OMR Sheet.

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